Global Photo Contest

It’s outdoor season now. Let’s hit the outdoors! Isn’t it exciting to dive into the woods and explore curious lives and plants, or climb the mountains just for a glance at the magnificent landscapes, or simply enjoy precious time with your beloved ones in the nature?

That’s why we hold the global photo contest and invite you guys to jump in! From today, May 6th to May 31st, grab your Nitecore gear and go

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Take awesome photos or short videos of how you use your Nitecore gear in the great outdoors and share with us. And share your interesting outdoor stories on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the tag #Nitecoreoutdoorfun. Send your stories and photos to us via a private message on whatever social media platform. We will select 3 winners from all candidates to win the Nitecore awards. Don’t hesitate. Bug out, have fun and share with us!

  • First Prize: EA8 ×1
  • Second Prize: EC25 ×1
  • Third Prize: P15 ×1
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