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Bracket and Headbands

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NITECORE NU Series Brackets Nitecore Bracket for NU Series Headlamps (NU05, NU10, NU20, NU25, or NU32)

  • Black brackets to fit the NU10, NU20, and NU30

Price: $2.99

Nitecore HC60 Bracket Nitecore Bracket for H Series Headlamps (HC30, HC33, HC50, HC60, or HC65)

  • Brackets to fit the HC30, HC33, HC50, HC60, or HC65.

Price: $5.99

Nitecore HC60 Headband Nitecore Headband for H Series Headlamps (HC30, HC33, HC50, HC60. HC65, HC90, HA20)

  • Nylon
  • Fits the HC30, HC33, HC60. HC65, HC90, or HA20

Price: $8.95