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LED Flashlight Market

According to Marketresearchreports.com, the flashlight market reached over $1.46 billion in 2014 and continues to grow in the US. LED flashlights make up roughly 90% of the entire market for an estimated $1 billion in annual sales. It is expected that LED flashlights will continue to absorb more of the market through 2021.

Flashlight Market Composition

The flashlight market can be broken into four broad categories of end-users: (1) Commercial/Industrial, (2) Consumer, (3) Government - Military/Law Enforcement/EMS, (4) Government - Other. Commercial/Industrial sales make up the largest share of the market at 49% with consumer sales following behind at 33% and the two Government categories rounding out the remaining 18%. Nitecore has a strong collection of flashlights and headlamps designed to perform well in the following market verticals.

Hunting Lights Industrial Law Enforcement

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Outdoor / Camping Search & Rescue Military