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LED Camping Lanterns

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NITECORE LR60 280 Lumen Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Nitecore LR60 280 Lumen USB Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

  • Brightness: 280 lumen
  • Multiple Illuminable Direction Settings

Price: $44.95

NITECORE LR12 1000 Lumen 2-in-1 Design Retractable Diffuser Portable LED Lantern Flashlight Nitecore LR12 1000 Lumen LED Lantern Flashlight, use 1x 18650

  • Max Brightness: 1000 lumens
  • Battery: 1x 18650 or 2x CR123A

Price: $49.95

Nitecore LA10 CRI Camping Lantern Nitecore LA10 CRI 85 Lumen Compact Lightweight Camping Lantern

  • LED: Nichia NVSL219B
  • Max Brightness: 85 Lumens
  • Battery: 1 x AA

Price: $29.95

Nitecore LA10 Camping Lantern Nitecore LA10 135 Lumen Compact Lightweight Camping Lantern

  • LED: CREE XP-G2 S3
  • Max Brightness: 135 Lumens
  • Battery: 1 x AA

Price: $24.95


Why Should You Pick Our Camping Lanterns?

Gone are the days of bulky and dangerous propane lanterns! Nitecore's line of mini LED camping lanterns are the perfect way to light up your camp site, work area or just to keep on hand for emergencies. Our camping lamps put out significant lumens in a slim, portable package, making them perfect for virtually any outdoor activity.

Featuring long-lasting batteries, these camping lanterns can be recharged through a USB-C connection. Certain models even have the capability to serve as a power bank for your phone or other mobile devices. Like everything else we make, you can depend on these camping lights to stand up to the toughest conditions while still being comfortable and easy to use in a wide range of situations. Learn more about our rechargeable LED lanterns and why we consider these rechargeable lanterns a must-pack for any camping trip.