NITECORE LR10 - More Than Just A Lantern!

When it comes to outdoor activities at night, lanterns are consistently top the light of choices for lighting. Unlike flashlights, lanterns

NITECORE recently introduced a lantern, the LR10, that meets the above characteristics (bright, portable, durable) while bringing several convenient features.


The primary features for the LR10 are compact and lightweight. Here is a look at the revelant parameters. Total height: 65mm.

Total width: 50mm

Total thickness: 25mm

Total weight: 59.4g

Not difficult to see from the size of the above, LR10 has a very small & lightweight features. For a better judge of the LR10, here is a comparison with some other camping lanterns. The figure below compares it with one of my camp lights. As a reference contrast, in appearance there are obvious differences, and the thickness of the difference in the photos reflected is not obvious, but enough to prove that LR10 is really much smaller. As such, the LR10 has great portability advantages for traditional camp lights when carried out.


One of the reasons the LR10 is lightweight is its body made of light-weight PC material, and its lampshade part is made of high-gloss PC light-diffusing material. The material itself has to make even the light transmission of soft light performance. This can bring diffuse effect, in order to achieve large floodlighting. In addition, the PC as a durable engineering plastics, but also brought 1.5m drop protection.

The switch uses a key operation of the design, soft glue embedded in the PC, at night by the tactile sense of direct recognition between the operation.

The left is its USB direct charge interface settings. The interface is equipped with a soft rubber cover, while the soft rubber cover closed will bring excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.

For its light source comes from the built-in 9 high color LED lamp beads. The division at the bottom (3), the circle (6). Internal FPC thermal conduction system, which can effectively achieve a large area of heat, which is also my use of conventional LED lights did not use a longer time on the phenomenon of fever.

Charging & Operating Instructions

LR10 charging process with red - green indicator light settings, intuitive response to electricity, reducing the situation is not full or over charge, but also in the process of charging the continuous use of lighting functions brought The convenience of night lighting needs.

In operation, through its sideways button to achieve. Short press for power up, power up as shown by the number of flashes on his side red indicator. The red light, when used at night, the effect is also very conspicuous, thereby enhancing the safety of night activities.

The previous description of the button only one, but it has three different brightness gear. Turn on the lighting, you need a long press operation, open the first 8 lumens of low light mode.

Short press to switch the brightness level. Its gear is cycled in the low (8 lumens) - medium (65 lumens) - high (250 lumens) during switching. The picture shows the 65 lumen state.

Followed by a record of 250 lumens.

Double-click the button brings the warning lights, sos, beacons three special features. All three functions have a brightness of 250 lumens. And these three special features also give us convenience in the outdoors, improving the safety of night activities.

Usage Demonstration

The 9 beads for CRI ≥ 90 high color LED lamp beads, the so-called high color rendering is the original color of the object can be effectively restored. Eye can better distinguish at night, observe objects, reduce eye fatigue. In addition its built-in lithium battery capacity of 4 AAA battery capacity, one-time full charge life of up to 38 hours, to meet the needs of various types of outdoor use of time.

LR10 is also used in a variety of, mainly from the tail of the magnetic design and buckle buckle sake. In actual use, for this function, as long as the provision of a fulcrum can bring different illumination angles to meet.

As camp lights, hanging buckles in the use of the tent is the most convenient. The figure below is a 8-lumen lighting effect, which has a certain brightness. Of course, the actual use of gear to do according to the needs of the switch.

The tail hanging buckle can also be freely hanging on the backpack, easy to carry out, the process did not loose the phenomenon.

Multiple Choices

In addition, the outdoor sometimes rainy and changeable, this time its level of protection IP66 rating can face the rain, streams and other scenes impact, and this also changes in the outdoor scene for us to reduce a concern. The degree of protection for the IP66 is, in my opinion, a result of its more concise form factor, resulting in a seamless bond.

LR10 is said to have three colors optional Oh , I said three colors are like!

In addition, in order to meet the tenth anniversary of Knight Coller, also introduced the LR10 Panda Special Edition panda , can be described as: from innovation, loyalty to strength, insisted on the value!


LR10 has a very small, very light features to meet the user's extreme pursuit of the camping light weight requirements, while its various modes and brightness settings can also be based on the needs of different scenarios to make the appropriate use of options. The magnetic and hanging buckle also brought convenience for its use. So although the name LR10 camp lights, but it is not just camp lights. Based on the above content, it meets the bright, portable and durable features, recommended to friends who like to participate in outdoor activities at night.